LinkedIn Profile Makeover | LinkedIn Audit | 60minutes

Produce a Linkedin profile that generates new business enquiries for just £125

The first thing a buyer or a recruiter looks at is when they google you or search for you on LinkedIn!!!  Never ever undermine your sales efforts with a weak and poor Linkedin profile that makes you look unprofessional.

“A Linkedin profile should become your  24/7 lead generation tool”

What you will get is 60 minutes on how how to create a Linkedin profile that will:

  • Position you as an Expert and Authority in your industry
  • Increases the being found by sales-ready buyers or employers
  • Generate more enquiries and leads

All LinkedIn Training and LinkedIn Coaching will be conducted over Zoom - so please have a Zoom account

“Would it not be amazing to receive leads and orders or a job offer via LinkedIn whilst you slept from all over the world”

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