15 Minute Daily Routine

Never dismiss an invitation to connect if that invite does not meet your ideal connection

Be mindful they could be of value in the future, or they could genuinely want to learn more from you.

Build a network of relevant contacts, but consider these points
You don't know them, but they constructed their invitation, and taken the time to try and build a relationship so it is a good idea to accept.

You work or have worked so you obviously have something in common with them so again best to accept.
You have both got a lot of mutual connections, then it is a quality connection worth accepting.

You don’t know them and they have sent you a standard invite, they have not taken much thought so dish them smiles
Now a recruiter that works in your field, at your level, then makes sense to accept the invite, especially in the current climate.

You should be able to build your network very fast in the space of a few weeks. It is still worth sharing useful and relevant posts, but do not get discouraged if you do not receive high engagement to begin with.