Build Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

Build Brand Awareness, Drive Web Traffic, and Generate Leads

LinkedIn helps you engage a huge community of professionals to drive traffic and leads that are relevant to your business.


Look at as a lead as a stranger on the internet that you have never met before and they put their hand up and say hiya you have piqued my interest in your service or product. This stranger is now a valuable piece of commodity as the this stranger has been captured and gives you two benefits

a) contact information for relationship bulding
b) an opportunity to collect data on your prospects to enable you to market, sales and suport

Studies show that companies with solid lead generation practices accomplished upto 133% more revenue than companies that do not have a good lead generation in place. 

Until theses strangers engage with you, they will always remain strangers to your company/organisationSo the big question is how do you drag these stranger and potential targets in without kicing and screaming? How dopique and capture their interest so that they will make themselves, and ideally their email addresses or phone numbers, known to you? Through lead generation.

sales magnetSo LEAD GENERATION is a magnet and the process of converting strangers and potential prospects that indicate an interest in what you are offering into a lead that startes them on a journey of becoming a customer.

I mean if you have not piqued and captured a prospect and figured out how to engage with and identify them, you have no one to aim your marketing efforts at no one to take on a journey towards a purchase.

So it is important that you manage your lead generation building well.

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

The first major decision you will have to make when developing your lead generation strategy is if you are going to devlop an inbound or an outbound strategy, or a hybrid of both. 

Inbound Marketing

The main object of Inbound Lead Generation is being foundYour efforts will rely on a strong Social Media and digital presence.

Inbound Marketing is the journey of obtaining prospects organically by giving them something that they are actively looking for.  You will earn their attention this way, and the prospective customer is the one who opens the lines of communication.

social media posts, podcasts, opt-in emails, optimised content, YouTube videos

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is the journey of broadcasting messages to find prospective clients.. In this case, you buy or otherwise get attention, having initiiated this communication, not the prospect.

Outbound Marketing Examples: 
Cold calling, which sees you telephoning a prospect you have had no prior contact with. 

Some other examples of outbound marketing include television, radio, and print advertisements; direct mail; and emails from purchased lists. Setting up a table/stand at a trade show; Presenting at a seminar or conference; Sponsoring an event; Sending direct mail; business networking or breakfast club;