Dwell Time

Dwell Time is another factor to consider...

The LinkedIn engineers have realised that just relying on clicks and comments can lead to some extreme false positives when it comes to determining posts going viral.

Ok some people for example who show an interest in a content do nott necessarily share it or comment on it and the worst senario is  that in most cases people do not even click a reaction of like or love!. They just lurk and appreciate....sigh

Now those peeps who use a mobile, it is so quick to go dona the page and with your thumb click on the like/love button... some peeps simply click “Like” on the content to get earn abrownie point and get in the good graces of thepeople who post. So this reaction does not show the quality of the content and the time taken by the autor who created the post

So back to Dwell time, this give us some insight about content quality.

Here’s how LinkedIn explains DWELL TIME:

Each update viewed on the feed generates two types of DWELL TIME.

First up , there is the “ON THE FEED,” DWELL TIME which starts measuring when at least half of a post is visible as a viewer scrolls through their feed.

Secondup , there is  “AFTER THE CLICK,”  DWELL TIME which is the time peeps spend on content after clicking "see more" on an update in the feed.

So it’s not just a simple single metric. The algorithm considers PRE-CLICK DWELL TIME  in addition to POST CLICK DWELL TIME....

oh my!!!

So now you have to up your game when creating a post....

So if you have a circle of friends who  always react to your content and then scroll past it without reading anything more than the title - these friends are not going to help you rank as much as it used to. Neither wil those who just clike like on everything you post....

As I said in YESTERDAYS LINKEDIN BLOG you now have to make the first three lines count ! you now need to create mpre compelling and engagng content that keeps people’s attention AND WANT TO CLICK ON SEE MORE

To up your gane start producing  videos people want to watch. Create  articles with catchy headlines that keep the viewer reading past the third or fourth line. This is how you will improve your ranking on linkedIn

For Marketers, that means they will have to craft LinkedIn posts that not only capture peoples’ attention, but hold it for an extended period of time.

LinkedIn is not the first social network to factor dwell time into its algorithm; Facebook does so as well.

Going forward, the most successful posts will not always be the ones that get the most likes, comments, and shares.

So to sum up we have to create a post that

1) captures the viewer in the first couple of lines
2) keeps the viewer to SEE MORE
3) cretes a reson for the viewer to engage and leave a comment and or share

the more wedo the better rank we get and the more people will view our posts