Find Nearby Feature

This feature is only available on the Mobile App

Have you wondered if there was an easy way to connect with people at networking events or other business-related functions?

Now there is !!!

In Settings set your FIND NEARBY feature to ON, then the LinkedIn Mobile app will help you find and connect with others who are close by and are also on the Find nearby page, looking for other people to connect with.

LinkedIn will ask you to turn on your Bluetooth for this feature if it’s not on already. You must enable it to use the feature.

To use the Find Nearby feature:
FIRST ACTIVATE BLUETOOTH on your mobile device.

Using your mobile device, you will now be able to find other LinkedIn members in your vicinity of up to 30 yards (30 meters) if they have also enabled the Find Nearby feature. You can easily send messages to your connections or invite others to connect.

To access this feature, Tap
My Network icon >
Connect button >
Find nearby button.

Too remain discoverable to others nearby, leave Find nearby toggled ON & exit the screen.
If you log out of the LinkedIn mobile app, your Find nearby status will reset to OFF.

You’ll remain in nearby people's cached results for 24 hours.