First Three Lines

You see on your LinkedIn homepage - posts –  in these posts you will see a heading, folloowed by some text, and followed again by  a “see more” at the end of maybe rthe second or third sentence....  


Everytime you publish a post you get three lines before the “see more” shows up. Now did you realise that BLANK lines also count towards the three lines!!! So now if you purposefully leave a line blank, this will  couns as one of your three.  So now does this help or hurt us when we posting? 

Effectively these first lines of a post act as a teaser for the rest of the post.

If our audience are not intrigued by those first few lines, you lose them. 

They will not click “see more”.

They will not read the rest of your post and of course they will not like, comment on or share it. so we lose the "dwell time"

Please use these three lines wisely. Treat them as if your writing a subject  line in an email and your trying to catch the readers attention