Fixed Amount Of Connection Requests

Did you know that LinkedIn only allows you to contact a fixed amount of prospects every day?
AND if you do not hit that limit it will not carry over!!!

Example, if your limit is 50 prospects per day and you were only reaching out to just five, then the remaining 45 would NOT carry over to the next day. They are simply wasted.

Successful coaches who are generating leads on LinkedIn are using what is available to them, and if you want results like I get and my clients get, then you need to be doing that too – but that takes time, focus and a good understanding of LinkedIn.

We should be aiming to connect with between 10 and 15 prospects per day - Minimum - that is between 300 and 450 new leads generated every month - that is between 3,600 & 5,400 every year - now its now down to converting these into sales