LinkedIn Managed Services

Richard Parkes profile 6SMSS Managed Services is a monthly outsourced service to enable busy professionals who do not have the time themselves to leverage LinkedIn to build relationships, influence and book meetings with potential prospects.

At SMSS we have a FOUR PHASE Process

Phase 1 
The Launch - Posting Daily  (5 working days) - Creating new connections and fiollowers Identifing the LEAD - via Audience & Prospect Mapping; together with C.L.A.M and S.T.A.L.K 

Phase 2
The LEAD Becomes a SUSPECT - Continuing Posting Daily - engaging via DMs The suspect does not know they need what You do

Phase 3
The SUSPECT becomes a PROSPECT - Via Engagement and conversation the Suspect becomes a prospect and now they know they need what you do

Phase 4 - The PROSPECT  is enegaged in a 1-2-1 with yourself or your sales team either Face 2 Face or via a zoom 1-2-1  and you convert your PROSPECT into a CLIENT 

SMSS never pitch!!! SMSS use the sell without selling method of operation

. What SMSS Does

SMSS has been mentoring, training and coaching businesses since 1995

Every month SMSS help many businesses online using 1-2-1 zooms in six continents (AFRICA; ASIA; AUSTRALIA; EUROPE; NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA)

. YouTube

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