Top 10 tips for posting

Your LinkedIn profile and what you post is vitally important.

You know when you prejudge a stranger who knocks on your door just by the way they look!!! 

Well just know that your prospects are prejudging you from your social media profile...

Within just a couple of seconds they they have decided if they like you, if they trust you and or should we take you seriously?

If there is no connection between you both, your prospect will never ever watch your video and will deffinately never join your business or buy your product

Consistency - this is one of the easiest ways to convince your prospects online with your social media presence!

So how?

I always get asked on my training sessions what should we post?

These are my Top 10 Types of Social Media Posts You Can Use

1) The Value Post

Teach people something you have learned recently

2) The Recognition Post

Give congrats to someone you know (doesn’t need to be in your team or business)

3) Gratitude Post

Express gratitude to someone or something. This always get good engagement

4) The Story Post

Share a Before/After story. It can be yours or someone in your company

5) Caption This

Post a picture and post a caption

6) Fill In The Blank

Here’s an example:

If I ______, I would ______

7) Finish the Sentence

For Example 

I’m grateful for ______

8) If You Could Only ______ 1 thing….

If you were stranded alone on an island and could eat only 1 thing, it would be _____

9) Multiple Choice

Ask a question and give people options (A, B, C, D)

10) Live Video

This is BEST and one and gets you the most prospects.