90 Day Lead Generation Mentorship

90 Day Lead Generation MentorshipThe 90 day Lead Generation Mentorship will give you all the tools you need to to become a Lean Mean Lerad Generating Machine. Over the 90 days you will receive ongoing support  guideing you through any setbacks or roadblocksas they arise.

Over the 90 day journey you will be taken through creation and optimisation of your profile which is designed to increase your reach and ability to sell yourself. 

You will be taught how to C.L.A.M and S.T.A.L.K to gain leads and engage with them and ultimately land a 1-2-1 
You will be taught how to effectively gain connections and gain followers
You will be taught how to take advantage of viewers of your profle and all notifucations and work aniversaries
You will be introduced to third party tools and methods 

You will recieve once per week (12
 x one hour)  Personal Strategy and Result calls with Richard  Parkes

This is 90 days of ongoing support from the Social Media Sphere Strategist

Social Media Sphere platforms, applications and technology are consistently updating especially the Algorithms and we Richard will let you now how to take action or imolement to your advantage the new applications. Richard will help navigate through these new areas.

At the end of the 90 Day Programme you will be able to: 

  • Connect with ease with your target audience
  • Effortlessly enage with your connections
  • Create and share content without paying for ads

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SMSS has been mentoring, training and coaching businesses since 1995

Every month SMSS help many businesses online using 1-2-1 zooms in six continents (AFRICA; ASIA; AUSTRALIA; EUROPE; NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA)

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