Build a LinkedIn Killer Profile

Richard Parkes profile 2A Linkedin profile generates new business enquiries

Your Linkedin profile is the first thing your audience sees when they Google  or search for you on Linkedin. 

Never ever undermine your efforts with a weak Linkedin profile that makes you look unprofessional, or amateurish

“Turn your Linkedin profile into a 24/7 "Lean Mean Generating Machinel”

In just 90mins, I will show you how to create a Linkedin profile that:

  • Positions you as a leading authority and an expert in your industry and field
  • Increases the potential of being found by your potential audience
  • Generates more inbound enquiries and leads by optimising your profile

These 90 minute sessions are conducted over Zoom – please have a Zoom account ready and set up in advance of our workshop

“Generate inbound enquiries globaly whilst you sleep.

An up to date LinkedIn profile page is fundamental to your personal branding.

LinkedIn adds features on a regular basis to increase its potential as the world's leading marketing tool (currently over 750 million users). If you have not created your personal profile or have not recently checked it for a while then you need this 90 minute workshop "is a must do task"

What will this workshop cover

1) Show you how to create an outstanding Banner that works for you
2) What a good profile photo should look like
3) How to create a header where you inform your audience what you do
4) How to turn your summary (About Us) into a story
5) Which buzzwords not to use
6) Growing your network by optimisation
7) Find out the importance of listing your relevent skills
8) How to spotlight and feature your services
9) How to ask for testimonials
10) How to give Testimonials and recommendations
11) The correct way to present your employment history
12) What is a "Creator Mode" and how to get the best out of it


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